Clayton Bigsby is not the only “Black” White Supremacist

Comedic Irony

Recently, I watched a sketch comedy piece recently from the Chappelle Show. In this comedic sketch there was a piece regarding a character name Clayton Bigsby who was a Klu Klux Klan leader and a devout White Supremacist that wrote numerous books that promoted White Supremacy and inequality of blacks and other people of color. The comedic irony in this particular piece was Clayton Bigsby, was blind and Black. Because he was born blind he had never seen himself and was raised among Southern White Children in a residential home. The caretakers and individuals he resided with led him to believe he was White and was one of them. Because he never saw himself as a Black Person he had no reason to challenge his racial identity and grew up with the others hating people of color.

No Laughing Matter

The interesting notion here is that how many people of color are unconscious Clayton Bigsbys’ that promote White Supremacy? Many Black People that I have spoke with regarding racial issues have told me that they do not see themselves as Black and view themselves as American first. Many Black People believe that White Supremacy entails the dressing up in hoods; wearing Nazi Swastikas; the racist rhetoric; and the hate fueled violence towards people of color. However, White Supremacy is much more subtle than that. It is the system that promotes and maintains the advancement of Whites while promoting the inequality and marginalization of people of color. It is the current system that we live and work in absent of the Klan hoods and Swastikas.

Unconscious Zombies

Many Black people unconsciously embrace this system and promote it as their way of life. They actively seek out White communities, businesses, churches, and schools to reside in; transact business with; worship in; and be educated by. Many middle and upper class people of color in their pursuit to attain the “American Dream” have turned their backs on poor people of color refusing to investigate such issues as mass incarceration; failing education systems, and immigration, all which threaten the future generations of people of color. For these individuals it is a “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” mentality. Many of these individuals refuse to recognize there are racist systematic forces that are designed to keep people of color disenfranchised. They believe now in the “age of Obama” that racism only exists in the context of the “N” Word.

A Slippery Slope

This thinking is dangerous for people of color because it promotes a system of distrust and the inability to unite to address the social ills that sidelines so many people of color. They feel that they are equal to their White counterparts and in most cases feel that the courts of justice; the institutions of education; and the boardrooms of corporate America are created with them in mind.

The Solution

White America has always told Black America what it has thought of us. It has always told us what institutions are for us. It has always told us how to think and feel about each other- and we listen and obey. I will challenge anyone to try and prove me wrong and I will display statistics that support my statements. As individuals we must do the following:

• Stop waiting for future black leaders to educate and organize us. We must become eager to learn about ourselves, our issues, and identify solutions to issues that plague our families and communities.

• Stop becoming inebriated on what the American media displays and presents to us. Many people of color take this as our truth and reality; adopting foolishness and buffoonery as a way of life.

• Begin to educate ourselves and adopt a consciousness that will begin to elevate our children, families, and communities.

• Begin to invest in one another and build trust amongst each other. This has to start in the home first. For many people of color distrust is learned and taught in the home.

• Build business and enterprise with family first. Many black families teach their children to assist in building white companies and organizations that contribute actively to the marginalization of people of color.

• We must teach Black male children the 3 G’s of manhood. They are: o Guide their families and communities o Guard their families, communities, finances, and resources o Govern their communities, businesses, and participate in our political process.

When this is accomplished people of color will not become unconscious Clayton Bigsby’s to White Supremacy we will be able to identify White Supremacy in its subtle nature and choose not to engage its destructive nature of disenfranchisement and marginalization of people of color. We will choose to identify and participate in enterprise and activities that elevate people of color and our future generations to come.

Ephesians 4:25 Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.

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